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The times they are a changing wrote Bob Dylan and they are for ROCKFLOWER VENDING LTD too. After 3 x years at Blackfriars Station test bedding the unit, the design and the technology that supports it, we are moving on to the next phase of our journey.

The PRINCE, the most recent incarnation of the ROCKFLOWER VENDING LTD concept is in production and will make its debut early 2017. The lessons learnt at Blackfriars Station were many and of great use and the overwhelming public belief in our vision feeds the  inspiration for our success.

The PRINCE is the most recent model evolved from our design concept. We are combining the original ROCKFLOWER VENDING LTD  vision with new design innovation and updated technological performance. We are excited about our vision of the future.

At ROCKFLOWER VENDING LTD we are proud of our identity and unique design.

ROCKFLOWER VENDING LTD bringing you tomorrow today.






If you are interested in purchasing a vending machine for your business, then please do get in touch via our contact page or even drop a comment below.