We get a lot of interest in our little automated kiosk at Blackfriars station. We love how much people love the idea of a flower vending machine. It makes us so proud every time we get a tweet or comment from a fan on the other side of the world wanting to know more about the machine, so we wanted to share a few more details about our lovely little unit.

rockflower flower vending machine

Freshly loaded and awaiting customers, we’re very proud of our retail unit

The Vending Box

We vend 24hrs a day alongside our retail section but when our florists aren’t there we rely on the big spacious windows of each vending box to show off our creations well. This is a work in progress and with our next machine, we are planning to have the boxes even bigger so that our customers can see very clearly the quality that they are buying.

flower vending machine

A vending box awaits its next bouquet

The System

We know that most of our commuting customers don’t carry cash, so we use card to take payments both for the vending machine and the retail side. Our payment partners explain the system better than we do in this short video.

rockflower flower vending machine florist

Our florist, Sally, checks the stock levels after a delivery


The Design

The screens were designed by our founder Andrew, a designer by trade, alongside every other artistic element of the design. With the help of specially developed technology to keep the flowers fresh, the water cool and the correct vending doors opening at the right time, his vision finally came to life in January 2014.

rockflower flower vending machine screen rockflower flower vending machine screenrockflower flower vending machine screen

We also love how we end up with a wall of flowers when fully stocked on retail.

rockflower flower vending machine retail side

A wall of flowers in our retail troughs

rockflower blackfriars

A handstamped bag awaits a customer

The most obvious feature of our machine is the retail side versus the vending boxes. When we have florists on shift (usually between 7am and 8pm though there may be vending breaks there during the afternoon), you may see the sides of the unit open with some cut stems to make up custom bouquets. However, the choice of flowers in the vend is pretty much the same as the bouquets that are in the retail section, so you always have the choice of where you buy from. Our lovely florists are full of help and advice if needed.

rockflower flower vending machine retail

50% vend, 50% retail but 100% service

Do you have any questions about our machine or set up? Please let us know in the comments below!