We are so very pleased to announce that today we are finally launching our new and improved machine ‘PRINCE’ at the Millennial 20/20 summit. We could think of no better place to showcase our 24/7 automated retail unit than at an event that brings together ‘world-leading consumer brands and retailers to shape and realise the future of commerce‘. We have always said that we would love to see within the future of commerce, the ability to combine the convenience of 24/7 shopping with the ability to shop locally and firmly believe that our new vending machine will do just that

Rockflower vending machine small

What is ‘PRINCE’?

Our new “PRINCE” unit provides a freestanding point of sale retail outlet that only requires one simple 240 volt plug. This means that you can plug it in and pop it anywhere you like and get selling! It would work in train stations, airports, shopping centres as a more permanent feature, but it would also be ideal for selling merchandise and product at sporting and fashion events, concerts and exhibitions – the possibilities are endless! Isn’t that exciting?

What can you sell in it?

Well, once again the possibilities are endless! We suggest bouquets of flowers (and we have some experience with that), beauty and pharmaceutical products, fashion accessories or even small electrical goods. Plus, each unit can be customised in your own corporate colours and with a back-lit brand name or logo. Added features include a flat screen that can play corporate videos and slide images to enhance your brand message when the screen is in repose mode.

How does it work?

The Rockflower PRINCE contains between 20- 45 individual cabinets, each one featuring safety glass doors with internal LED lighting. Bluetooth flatscreen technology provides a simple interactive purchasing experience. Each sale only takes around 80 seconds! Plus, a cloud-based platform management system allows the retailer instant access for managing stock, updating content, reviewing hour on hour sales, plus easy uploading of all necessary information into Sage.

We are so excited to be at this stage and exhibiting at such a forward-thinking summit. We can’t wait for what’s to come!

Please do get in touch via our contact page for further info. And if you are at Millennial 20/20 this week, please do come over and say hello to the team!

Find out more about Millennial 20/20 here: www.millennial20-20.com
3rd & 4th MAY, 2017