Our Story

Andrew, the founder of ROCKFLOWER, first thought up the idea of a vending machine that dispensed bouquets of flower in 1993 when he was living in the US.

He quickly found that unique fresh flower bouquets were not available 24/7 in the US. As a designer, he sought to design a solution to his problem as a gift to the city of London. In 2003, when computer technology allowed this idea to come to fruition, the concept began to take shape: Rockflower, London’s only flower vending machine!
The name ROCKFLOWER came out of the idea of natural beauty thriving in a harsh environment.

Our machines are designed to display fresh flower bouquets among industrial tube stations and public spaces. After careful research and planning by engineers and designers, the first ROCKFLOWER machine was installed at Blackfriars tube station in London in January 2014 overnight. The machine was installed, powered up and programmed to stock fresh flowers for the next day.


This is where we can be found in London today:


Clapham Junction
St John’s Hill
Battersea, London SW11 2QP


Canon Street Station
Canon Street
London EC4M 5TA

We are now in Zürich
with our Prince 2 unit.