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Name: Stefanie Haigh
Position: Content and Social Media Manager
With Rockflower since: November 2014.
Tell us about yourself.
I live in London with my boyfriend, Rob although I’m originally from the north of England. I speak Spanish and French. I love to travel. I work freelance for myself as a social media manager and content creator and have been doing so for about a year. I love it. At Rockflower, I’m in charge of everything we do online – from blogposts to tweets and everything in between.
Describe a typical day in your life.
Every day is different when you are freelance. I don’t work for Rockflower every day or from an office, but I think this works well because it means I can be really flexible when it comes to social media which is necessary. A typical day for me starts with a big mug of hot water with honey and lemon and checking my emails and all client social accounts on my phone. This is usually followed by a quick workout, before I shower, get dressed and eat breakfast, which is often a big smoothie, eggs or porridge. Then I settle down at my desk. This can be anywhere between 9 and 10am depending on the day. I’m a pretty organised person in terms of planning and lists, so I’ll often deal with anything that’s come in via email as quickly as I can or schedule it to be dealt with later. I often block out big sections of time in my calendar to work purely on one project and then work off a to do list for that project. So for a typical morning working on Rockflower online content, once I’ve replied to any outstanding comments on Twitter and Facebook, I’ll scan through any flower-based news to see anything that catches my eye and drop it into the calendar to share for the week. We usually publish one blog post a week, so I’ll usually create a draft of a post in advance and then leave it for a few days before I go back and check back over it to see if more needs adding. Once I’m happy with it, I’ll hit publish and take some time to schedule out some social posts to promote it. After I’ve checked all profiles again for Rockflower and then my other clients and respond to anything necessary in my inbox, it’ll be time for lunch. If I’m at home, I try to get away from my desk for a little bit. I’ll cook, maybe go for a walk or watch a little TV if the weather’s not good. But I do try to avoid daytime television as I find it really affects my productivity levels!
I’m often working on a few ongoing projects at a time with Rockflower, such as our new monthly newsletter, social advertising or upcoming ‘Meet the Team’ posts, so in the afternoon I’ll work on these or I’ll then spend a bit of time collating research for future posts. Recent ones include ‘how flowers make you happy‘ or ‘8 fun alternatives to vases‘. It’s a fun job reading about flowers and seeing all of the beautiful inspiration that is out there once you start looking. I try to get over to Blackfriars to visit the unit, take some flowers and chat to Sally, our florist, at least a couple of times a month. It’s great to get first-hand knowledge of the flowers and bouquets that we have in that week and take some photos for the blog, Instagram or Twitter.
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I find that switching up locations or projects keeps your mind fresh, so mid-afternoon I’ll often switch to work on my own blog, Stefanie Grace, or other client work before heading to meet a friend for dinner or cooking something at home. Evenings are often spent spending time at home with my boyfriend, Rob, cooking and chatting about our days. As a social media manager, I don’t really switch off entirely. My phone will never be too far away so that I can check for updates and respond where necessary. If I’ve got a lot of work on, I’ll get back on my computer after dinner but I try not to do that as I find that it makes me a lot less productive the next day!
How do you relax at weekends?
I love a good brunch and there’s a lot of those in London. I also love to get out for a run in Regent’s Park or for a walk on Hampstead Heath. In the winter I tend to hibernate, but London in the summer is the best, so I can never wait for it to come back! I love to meet friends in a park or a cafe and have a catch up.
What is the best thing about Rockflower?
The convenience and affordability of it all! I’ve ordered flowers from other florists and online before only for them to turn out to be very expensive and a huge disappointment. Rockflower bouquets are bright and happy and great value. I love that you can just grab them at the station on your way home from work or dinner and that you can pay on your card too!
What is your favourite flower/bouquet?
I love bright colours so anything with anemone has been catching my eye recently. It’s one of my favourites, but I’m also a sucker for a great bunch of tulips – they’re a sign that spring is here and summer is on its way! Celosia is also such a stunner and always gets lots of attention when we post it online.
 meet the team stefanie rockflower
Why are flowers so special to you?
I love how something so simple can make such a difference. I love that flowers really are the beauty of nature. It’s amazing that you can find such amazing colour around every corner. Equally, I can’t grow anything to save my life, so I appreciate the ability to produce a brilliant bouquet. Sally has such an eye.
Best Rockflower story?
I loved hearing about the Rockflower proposal at Blackfriars! A couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day earlier this year, a guy came and bought some flowers to propose to his girlfriend and then did it right in front of the kiosk when she arrived on her train! Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos because our florist Lucy was so overcome with emotion that she didn’t want to interrupt the moment. That’s a shame, but we love hearing stories like that. Please send us more and include pictures!