Sally rockflower florist  blackfriars
We are starting a new blogpost series here, where you can meet all of the team who make Rockflower what it is. First up is Sally, our super florist who keeps things running smoothly over at Blackfriars. We asked Sally to tell us a little bit more about herself.

Name: Sally
Position: Florist
With Rockflower since: January 2014 – the very beginning!

Tell us a little about yourself: I recently got married to Russell, who I met whilst living and working in Barcelona. We both lived over there for 4 years.
Describe a typical day in your Rockflower life: Every day is different. There are 2 shifts. Either a 7am start to be at the vend to oversee the delivery, which means a very early start for me as I live outside of London, or the 3pm shift, which is covers the evening rush. But on both you need to restock and maintain the vending machine, water the bouquets, make up any fresh bouquets that may be needed, as well as sell on the retail side and deal with any any special requests from passing customers at the station. It’s fun, I love it.
Last week on my commute into Blackfriars I met Mark Foster, the Olympic Swimmer on the train! We had a brief chat as it transpired we both like the same artist Pure Evil.  I know this as I was wearing a T-shirt with one of his designs and Mark informed me he also has some of his artwork. We discussed which ones we both have and like on the journey. That definitely passed the time on a usually quiet journey!
How do you relax at weekends? This weekend, it was Record Store day so Russ & I went into Soho, listened to some live bands, had lunch at L’Escargot and went to a few bars in the evening that were playing great vinyl.  We also got to see and hear John Copper Clarke who was surprisingly good – he knows how to play a crowd!  I also enjoy going to the theatre or cinema which I sometimes also do after work when on the early shift.
What is your favourite flower/bouquet? I like the Spooky bouquet. It’s been with us from the start in various guises.  My favourite flower is a peony. They are so delicate and fragrant. I also like the Lotus flower, which I came across in Cambodia whilst on holiday over Christmas. They fold the petals back on themselves. which I learnt to do. From a distance they don’t look real – they look like a napkin that has been folded. They are so delicate and the fragrance that they give off is awesome.
Why are flowers so special to you? I love the versatility, variety and varying colours, depth, tone and texture of flowers.  I look forward to the changing seasons and the different smells they give.
What is the best Rockflower story that you can tell/have heard? Last Thursday I made up a bridal bouquet which is a first for us at Rockflower. We don’t really specialise in wedding flowers. The lady had a clear idea of what she would like. She had been coming to the  vend over the course of time taking pictures of our bouquets.  We ordered in the flowers and foliage she requested and were more than happy to make it up for her.  We wish her all the best she is now on honeymoon in Sri Lanka. I also loved having a couple of Australian women pop over to get some flowers for their hotel room whilst they were visiting London for two weeks. They liked them so much that they came back for another bouquet a couple of hours later!
What is the best thing about Rockflower?
Working with everyone at Rockflower and being with the company from the very start, watching it grow. I love meeting all of our great customers who are always congratulating us and wishing us well in this great venture.  They are amazed at the idea of a 24 hour flower vending machine and can’t quite believe it. It is always getting photographed,  more than I ever have! It’s a great talking point. They love the bouquets and are always saying how beautiful they are looking and how it brightens up the station. It’s great to hear that.

Look out for more Meet the Team posts soon!