Lucy meet the team rockflower
Time for another ‘Meet the Team’ post over here! This time we’re chatting to Lucy, our lovely floristry assistant.
Name: Lucy
Position: Floristry Assistant
With Rockflower since: November 2014
Tell us about yourself.
I’m a 19 year old student living and studying in London. I’ve just started my first year of uni studying Fine Art and Art History at Goldsmiths and really love it. I do part-time work for Rockflower working at the unit and assisting customers. I also intern at a company called Home Live Art.
Describe a typical day in your life.
A typical day at Rockflower for me usually starts around 3pm. Before I get to work I’ll either have been at college studying throughout the morning, or on days where I don’t have any lectures I can have a lie-in and do some exercise. Sometimes I’ll do a delivery shift which is an early start at 7am, however Sally tends to do those shifts. At 3pm, I open everything up and begin with checking everything is all working well and in place. I’ll do some cleaning of the unit to make sure it stays clean which is important for the flowers. I’ll also change the water if that needs doing and make up more bouquets as we sell them. I’m mainly there to chat and help out customers. At the end of the evening, I make sure the vending machine is fully stocked for overnight.
How do you relax at weekends?
I always like to keep busy and socialise at the weekends. I have a bunch of friends in London who I’ll go see and maybe go shopping or to the cinema. Sometimes I’ll go away and visit people at university or go home and see my family. I also spend a lot of time visiting art galleries. In the evenings, I like to go out for drinks and then on Sundays, I’ll sometimes have a pyjama day!
What is the best thing about Rockflower?
Rockflower is a really great and exciting business. I love it’s quirkiness and all the excitement we get from the public. I also love the job as I get the chance to chat to customers. Mainly the 24 hour vending of flowers is just so unique and special and makes me very happy to be a part of it all and watch it expand.
pink fringed tulips
What is your favourite flower/bouquet?
My favourite flower has to be tulips. I like their simplicity. However we have some really exciting and vibrant flowers in our bouquets at Rockflower and I particularly like when we have celosia. It’s very different and attracts a lot of interest!
Why are flowers so special to you?
Flowers have always been a part of my life, growing up with parents who are always outside gardening and making their garden look beautiful with lots of colour and variety! They’re also such a lovely thing to receive or to buy for someone, they’re the perfect gift.
Best Rockflower story?
The best story for me whilst working at Rockflower has to be witnessing a man propose to his partner having just bought her some beautiful flowers from us. He bought them and then told me what he was about to do and I was very excited but I didn’t expect it to happen right in front of my eyes! It was a lovely thing to see happen and she was ecstatic and loved the flowers.