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You may have noticed that we always like to end our tweets and Instagram posts with #FlowersAtAllHours. But what is flowers at all hours? Apart from doing exactly what it says on the tin, there is a little more behind our tagline. Essentially, ‘flowers at all hours‘ is affordable, accessible luxury 24 hours a day. By mixing classic beauty with modern technology, we believe that we have something truly unique in the city of London. And we’re very proud of it.

Why do we believe that flowers should be available to everyone at any time? Well, it’s what our founder Andrew calls the democracy of beauty. Rockflower combines the best in luxury flowers with convenience of 24hour vending at an affordable price. Andrew has said in the past that he feels driven to provide the world with available, affordable beauty. He uses his design and colour skills to create stunning bouquets, all of which are available at the touch of a button on your way home from work at any time of the day.

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Part of the frustration of living in America for work was that I could never find flowers that were fresh and inventive. They very often died quickly which drove me to thinking that I could improve upon this in people’s lives. When I returned to living in London, I thought I wanted to give a present back to this city that I have lived in for forty plus years,” says Andrew.

The machine keeps flowers cool and fresh so that they last a lot longer than your average bunch of flowers, which of course makes the bouquets even better value. Of course, the simple fact that we also have florists on a rota at times means that you can still get the personal, bespoke touch. We haven’t completely gone over to the digital age. Some people want to smell and touch the flowers, so we are proud to be able to offer both services. Either way, you can have flowers at all hours – and they’ll last a long time too.

(Look out for our latest collection, coming next week!)