rockflower celosia delivery We love getting in a fresh delivery of flowers. A couple of weeks ago, founder Andrew headed over to Blackfriars armed with his camera to give you a behind-the-scenes look at a typical delivery day at Rockflower.

flower delivery blackfriarsThe flowers are brought as quickly as possibly from the refrigerated vehicle to the kiosk. It’s very important to us to get the flowers into the unit as quickly as possible, so that they stay super fresh for when you buy them.

rockflower celosia

But look how fresh they are when they arrive! We spent a lot of time ensuring that we found suppliers who package and send these flowers with care.

rockflower delivery blackfriars


Often, when we photograph our flowers, it is right when they arrive, which means they can often appear closed up. But this is just a sign of how fresh they are. And this is why we love to see your purchases a few days later in your home. Please share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #rockflower.

rockflower delivery

For every delivery, we order in extra bouquets for our current collection to ensure consistency and availability for you all. However, we also bring in a lot of fresh stems ready for custom bouquets and posies made up by our florists on the retail side. So that means that not only can you buy whatever beauties we have in our latest collection, but also take a look at some of the impromptu creations made up by our florists. Or, if you are feeling creative, even pick out some stems yourself and ask our florists to put something together for you.

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Our florists count in every bouquet and make sure that they all go into the vending system photographed. We ensure that there is a great selection of posies, bouquets & potted plants in the vend at all times so that even when you pop in at 2am, you have the freshest selection of well-priced flowers at Blackfriars. We call that the ‘democracy of beauty’, but we’ll go into that in another post.


our florist Sally with Gabor

Our florist Sally with Gabor, our friendly delivery guy

Thanks for being a great sport, Gabor!

rockflower celosia delivery

If you have any questions about Rockflower, where we are or what we have available, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.