Whatever your floral taste, Christmas is a great time to show off your creative talents to friends and family. Even though Christmas tends to be a time for practicing tradition, we believe that adding a new twist to your festive tablescape is a fun way to bring in the New Year. For example, tying in unique blossoms in complementary colours can easily freshen up all of your traditional Christmas flower arrangements.

From traditional to modern, we have collated a few of our favourite festive flower arrangements and centrepieces. Each one is sure to impress your guests.


  1. Birch bark vase & white amaryllis– Using birch bark-wrapped glass vases, this arrangement brings the outdoors inside. Use trimmings from your tree, leaves from various houseplants and white amaryllis blooms to create a bountiful display.
  2. Christmas flower arrangementsRustic & sweet floral centerpiece– Comprised of mistletoe, poinsettia, ivory roses, Christmas bush and dogwood fruit branches this arrangement comes together in a rather organic way, looking like it was just freshly picked from the garden.Christmas flower arrangements
  3. Do-it-yourself hydrangea and cranberry vase This fragrant arrangement can be put together for less than £10. Using an inexpensive glass vase, fill fresh cranberries and water. Add one large hydrangea blossom to finish. Colourful and simple!Christmas flower arrangements
  4. Whimsical mantle arrangement– Not enough room on the table? Take your arrangement to the mantle! This display incorporates non-traditional colours such as pale green, blush pink and purple to create a look that could be easily carried over to New Year.Christmas flower arrangements
  5. Vintage silver centerpiece– Put your Grandmother’s silver set to use with this antique arrangement. Contrasting light pinks, frosted green and red roses, this centerpiece is the perfect wintery addition to the table. Christmas flower arrangements
  6. Fresh magnolia leaf garland– This festive tablescape is sprinkled with seasonal fruits, candles and bright blossoms. Use tableware and napkins to match.
  7. Christmas flower arrangementsWhite rose and pine arrangement– An economical way to incorporate roses into your table display. Using pine boughs foraged from the garden or trimmed from your Christmas tree, you can create a large elegant display without breaking the bank.Christmas flower arrangements

Whichever you choose, remember to follow our tips for making your bouquet last longer when creating your arrangement. Also, beware that holly, mistletoe, lilies and amaryllis flowers can be toxic to pets. Keep them out of reach to ensure your furry friends are safe.

If you don’t have time to do any of this yourself, do not worry as we have you covered. For last minute wreaths or Christmas flower arrangements, make sure you come and see us and our little flower vending machine at Blackfriars. Merry Christmas!