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Why You Should Give ‘Just Because’ Flowers

At Rockflower, we love the idea of giving flowers ‘just because’. And not just because it means more sales for us (cheeky!) but because we know the smiles that they put on recipients’ faces. It’s scientifically proven that flowers make you happy and wouldn’t you want...

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Flower Facts: Hyacinth

A spring favourite, the traditionally deep purple hyacinth has a strong place in modern day spring gardens, as well as in history. Here are a few facts about the wonderful hyacinth. The hyacinth (Hyacinthus) is a plant from the asparagus (asparagaceae) family. Still...

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Why We Love Spring in London

London really is the best city in the world when the sun comes out. It's been said before but we really do believe that. So we are so completely thrilled that it seems to finally be Spring in London. New Beginnings  Spring gives people hope, it represents a new...

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A Peek into Andrew’s London Garden

It's National Gardening Week! And what a better way to celebrate than to give you a little insight into our founder Andrew's marvellous London garden. Bromeliad and acid green Euphorbia. Spotted Laurel. How wonderful is this tree fern about to burst into new fronds?...

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Pinspiration: Easter Table Decorations

We love a reason to celebrate with family & friends but with that can often come the stresses of entertaining, especially if you are hosting a big group. You need to think about what to cook, how clean the house is, who drinks what, how to set the table, where to...

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Offering Mother’s Day Joy with Flowers

  Ronald McDonald House Guy’s and St Thomas’ are a charity that provides free home away from home accommodation for families with children in the Evelina London Children’s Hospital and St Thomas’ Neonatal Ward. The House enables seriously ill children to have...

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Infographic: Making Your Bouquet Last Longer

We all know the feeling of having a beautiful bouquet only for it to wilt a few days later. Whilst it is the way that nature works, there are some ways to help prolong the life of that bouquet a little more. Therefore, we have decided to share a few more of our tips...

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner - this Sunday, in fact! But if you don't already have her card written and present wrapped and ready to go, never fear! We have a few last minute Mother's Day gift ideas for you. We believe that it really is the thought that...

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Love for Rockflower

  Over this Valentine's Weekend, we felt a lot of love from the British mainstream press who developed a strong interest in our little Blackfriars flower vending machine in London. This was thanks to our ongoing partnership with Start-Up Loans who often chart our...

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12 Fun Facts about Roses

  'Tis the season to give roses. But have you ever wondered where this tradition stems from? Believe it or not, roses have played an important role in civilization for centuries. They were known as a symbol for love, celebration, and beauty. Today, the rose...

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5 Ways Nature and Technology Co-Exist

With news last week of scientists successfully producing a beautiful zinnia in space, we have been thinking about all of the ways that nature and technology can co-exist. At Rockflower, we focus on combining the beauty of the nature with the convenience of technology...

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Meet the Rockflower Team: Anna

Name: Anna Peña Martinez Position: Former Project Manager With Rockflower: October 2012 - January 2014. Tell us about yourself. I currently live north of London, but I have lived in other European cities and I’ve been lucky enough to travel and live abroad since I was...

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