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Here we talk all things auto-retailing, from what’s going on behind-the-scenes and new trends in the auto-retailing world to ideas that we have for your auto-retailing company.


Meet the QUEEN

Meet the QUEEN….. Rockflower’s new 54 Auto Retail locker system that’s ideal for selling 24/7 smaller items like Glasses, Electronic’s, Pharma, Cosmetics etc.

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Silk Flowers: Ideas & Inspiration

The heart of Rockflower has always been about beautiful bouquets to grab and go. Our flower vending machines have long been admired for their design and convenience. However, we are aware that there are some places where you cannot gift buds,...

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We have launched! We were very pleased to present our machines at Millenial 2020 and to see wonderful comments like this: Is this how we could buy flowers in the future? I love it. 🌹🌷🌻 @Millennial20_20 @rockfloweruk —...

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Times are a Changing

The times they are a changing wrote Bob Dylan and they are for ROCKFLOWER VENDING LTD too. After 3 x years at Blackfriars Station test bedding the unit, the design and the technology that supports it, we are moving on to the next phase of our journey. The PRINCE, the...

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A Little Update

After the news of our business' new transition from flower retail vending  to the wholesale of the vending machines we have designed & created, we were so grateful for the messages and support that we received. We are currently in a transition period. The...

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A Message from our Founder

Sadly, this will be our last week of trading at our Blackfriars location. We have loved being here and have developed such a great customer base. So it is a mutual loss but we must move on to grow into our next incarnation: Rockflower Vending Ltd.   This means...

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5 Reasons to Love London in the Summer

London weather gets a bad rap. Just mere mention of the city conjures images of overcast skies and rainy days. While we aren't saying to leave your brolly at home, London does have its fair share of beautifully sunny days. Some of the best things to do in London are...

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Flower Facts: Ranunculus

The ranunculus always draws a crowd at our unit at Blackfriars. Bright colours are always a crowd pleaser, especially for a flower vending machine that needs to grab your attention through a window. So, in honour of one of our most popular stems, we wanted to share a...

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A Guide to Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

Just like birthstones and astrological signs, each birth month has an associated flower. It is believed that flowers were given as gifts as early as in the Roman Empire as a way to honour Roman Gods on birthdays. The specific meanings of different flowers emerged...

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Highlights from Chelsea Flower Show

We love the Chelsea Flower Show. For SO MANY reasons! For one, how fantastic is it to see joyous floral displays and an huge emphasis on gardening and nature in the mainstream press day after day?! It's brilliant that so many public figures, including the Royal...

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