It’s National Gardening Week! And what a better way to celebrate than to give you a little insight into our founder Andrew’s marvellous London garden.

Bromeliad and acid green Euphorbia - National Gardening Week

Bromeliad and acid green Euphorbia.

Spotted laurel - National Gardening Week

Spotted Laurel.

Tree Fern about to burst into new fronds - National Gardening Week

How wonderful is this tree fern about to burst into new fronds?

NZ Lancewood - National Gardening Week

It’s rare to have a garden in London, let alone one as truly marvellous as Andrew’s. Being there feels somewhat like being in a secret garden, almost Narnia-like with varying plants from all over the world and different sections carefully, curated yet wild foliage. Above is a New Zealand Lancewood.

Cycad - National Gardening Week

We love the exotic effect of a cycad plant in a London garden.

Primrose Native - National Gardening Week

Native Primrose.

Camellia - National Gardening Week

Striking Camellia.

Fruiting Five Finger - National Gardening Week

Fruiting Five Finger.

Borage - National Gardening Week


Tulips - National Gardening WeekHow pretty is this pot of tulips?

Andrew has previously spoken about how many hours it can take to maintain his vast city garden, but there are definitely worse ways to spend your weekend. Gardening is a great way to be outside, be active and spend time with nature.

Succulents - National Gardening Week

Wonderful Succulents.

Irises coming through - National Gardening Week

Irises just coming through.

Fritillaries White - National Gardening Week

Delicate White Fritillaries.

Fritillaries Purple - National Gardening Week

Decorative Purple Fritillaries.

Leaves National Gardening Week

The theme of this year’s National Gardening Week is ‘Get Fit in the Garden’. A recent study actually showed that 80% of UK gardeners agree that gardening helps them to stay fit & healthy. We definitely think that getting out in the garden is a brilliant way to stay active and don’t forget the other great effects that nature can have on your mental health too.

According the the RHS website, “Digging, weeding and mowing the lawn were cited as the top three activities to give the best workout. A person weighing around nine stone will burn 150 calories in half an hour of digging, according to Harvard Medical School – and the heavier you are, the more you burn. Not only is gardening good exercise, gardeners also felt it was great for toning their bodies, too, with  70% saying it helped to tone their forearms and 50% that it toned their thighs.”

Do you enjoy getting out in the garden? Let us know in the comments below!