Meet the Team

Andrew McAlpine

Andrew created the concept for Rockflower’s 24/7/365 fresh flower Units when he found it  tough to find unique flower bouquets whilst living in the USA. His passion for technology and natural beauty came into reality in 2014 when the first Rockflower unit opened in London’s Blackfriars Station. Andrew designs all aspects of the Rockflower  Auto Retail units and its branding. 

New Zealand born Andrew McAlpine is a designer of 50+ feature films and is best known for designing The Piano, The Beach, An Education, Me Before You, Clockers, Aeon Flux  and Sid & Nancy.

Andrew enjoys working in his vibrant home garden in London, doing yoga and taking long walks along wilderness pathways.

Gemma Jackson

Gemma Jackson is a Director of Rockflower, and is also a Feature film Designer, best known for her much awarded and acclaimed designs for Finding Neverland, Bridget Jones’ Diary, King Arthur and the astonishing Game of Thrones series. Most recently she has designed the Fortitude series, Disney’s Aladdin and The Gentleman for Guy Richie.

Gemma and Andrew are partners in life and Rockflower Auto Retailing Ltd. She is a driving force behind Rockflower and its colourful progress in our cities around the world.

Anna Martinez

Anna is currently working closely with Andrew and Gemma to ensure the brand’s innovative design and vision are achieved.


Anna has worked as Digital Product Manager in innovative and groundbreaking projects from startups to large companies for the past 10 years. With her background in Electronic Engineering and her experience steering digital projects, Anna is helping lead all day-to-day operational requirements at ANMAC.  

Robert Amor

Robert is driving the vision and strategy of ANMAC and working with the whole team to ensure that ANMAC can develop another channel for businesses 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Robert has worked across the world for retailers for over 20 years and held positions that include setting up merchandising functions, running digital transformation projects and more recently driving innovative projects with both established and early stage startups.  With experience in running large scale digital projects and consulting, Robert is driving ANMAC to businesses across the world who need to market and sell their products whenever their customers need it.