If you’re having friends and family over to celebrate on 31st October, then you may be looking for some awesome decoration ideas and we think that Halloween flowers are good place to start. We’ve scoured the internet for every kind of taste.


1. The Pumpkin Vase

Who needs a vase when you have a pumpkin? This is a nice idea, incorporating the seasonal colours and lots of greenery.

halloween flower bouquet ideas


2. The Pumpkin Witch

Don’t think you can make something as neat as the above? You could also just pop everything in a pumpkin in a messier fashion and then stick a hat on top. Perfect Halloween simplicity.

halloween flower bouquet ideas


3. The Spooky Skull

We love this amazing gothic arrangement. It’s not quite a Halloween bouquet, but we love the purples.

halloween flower bouquet ideas


4. Sophisticated Halloween

If you don’t want to hit all of the Halloween cliches in one, then why not simply pop some pumpkins in a glass vase and arrange your bouquet around them?

halloween flower bouquet ideas


5. Spooky Halloween Ghosts

We love these simple but oh-so-effective ghostly arrangements. The googly eyes just add a bit of fun.

halloween flower bouquet ideas


6. The Hat Bouquet

This is a fun idea to give to hosts at a party or even to the guests at your party. We didn’t think you could class-up a witches hat, but this is rather fetching.

halloween flower bouquet ideas


7. The Wicked Witch

If you want to make a big impression to guests and trick-or-treaters outside your home, you could also shove some legs in a pot plant outside.The broomstick makes it all the more realistic, don’t you think?!

halloween flower bouquet ideas

Which is your favourite?

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