Flower Vending Machine

With news last week of scientists successfully producing a beautiful zinnia in space, we have been thinking about all of the ways that nature and technology can co-exist. At Rockflower, we focus on combining the beauty of the nature with the convenience of technology and this is how our flower vending machine was born.

When you think of nature, you may picture rolling hills, lush greenery, birds chirping… general peace and quiet. The last thing the minds of most would conjure up is the tech scene, but we are in the 21st century and we need to find a way to co-exist. So we have rounded up 5 wonderful examples of nature and technology working together in this new world.


zinnia flower in space

1. Outer Space GardeningTo learn how to grow crops in space, ISS Astronauts have successfully grown a zinnia in space. The “veggie” high- efficiency LED light system changes based on the life cycle stage of the plants, and uses leaf thickening sensors to measure growth. The team has previously grown lettuce successfully and tested their growing methods on the zinnia because it’s life cycle is similar to the tomato plant.

smart plant cyborg rose

2. The ‘Smart’ Plant. The first cyborg rose has been created in Swedish lab. This electric flower lights up with a flick of a switch. Scientists hope to someday use this technology to create a “smart plant” that lights up in different colours on it’s own and tells farmers what it needs in terms of water, food and nitrogen levels. Read more here

parrot pot talking plant pot

3. Talking Flower Pot. A Paris company is set to launch the “Parrot Pot”. It is a battery operated flower pot that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth technology. You will receive notifications telling you what your plant needs. The pot will also use water from its reservoir to water the plant for you if it senses that the soil is getting too dry. This technology will allow your plant can virtually take care of itself while you travel. Read more here

backpacks for bees

4. Backpacks for Bees. There is no denying that bee populations worldwide are at risk. We rely on bees not only for honey, but to pollinate our crops, flowers and plant life. Because of this, a bee population collapse puts us at risk for a plant population collapse. In attempt to stabilise bee populations, researchers are equipping bees with tiny high-tech backpacks that can track their location. This technology will provide a clear picture on how certain stress factors such as weather, disease, air pollution and water contamination influence the bees movement and ability to pollinate. Read more here.

flower vending machine london

5. Our Flower Vending Machine. Two years ago, we gave London its first ever 24/7 touch screen fresh flower bouquet vending machine in Blackfriars station. Rockflower is part retail kiosk and part flower vending machine. On weekdays, staff are available to help select and maintain the machine, while after hours the machine is self-service for those looking for a last-minute bouquet. Using the kiosk’s touch screen, select an available flower arrangement, pay with credit or debit card and a window will open so you can take your purchase. Read more about us here.


Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!