Spooky - how to make flowers last longer

Whether you’ve been given a bunch of flowers by a loved one or bought them for your own pleasure, you of course want them to last as long as possible. Depending on factors such as the variety of flower, growing conditions, time in transit, and display conditions, a vase of flowers can stay fresh up to 2 weeks. We have compiled our favourite tips on how to make your flowers last longer once you take them home.

  1. Make sure your vessel is clean: vase, bucket, glass, whatever it may be. (See our post on alternatives to vases for ideas.) If you have not sterilised your vase, then the bacteria in the vase is likely to contaminate your flowers and cause them to die quicker.
  2. Remove any dead leaves from the bouquet or, again, they will contaminate others. Make sure that you have no leaves below the water line or they will take the water instead of the flowers, causing your bouquet to wilt quicker.
  3. Make sure that you cut the ends of your stalks at 45 degrees so that they can drink the water more effectively. Use sharp scissors, using dull scissors will crush the stems.
  4. Change water often. Adding fresh water to a clean vase is a good way to perk your flowers back up. Use freshly drawn water with a touch of bleach or lemonade (both work well) in the water to help the flowers last longer. You could also add specialist flower food, but we’re quite happy most of the time with our home remedies. Note that some flowers need more water than others, so just keep an eye on them and if they start to wilt or the water disappears quickly, add more.
  5. Keep out of direct sunlight. Yes flowers look stunning on the window sill but they will do better a bit further away from the sun, where they will stay cooler and fresher for longer.


Looking for any more tips from the Rockflower team? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll answer as many as possible.