5 reasons to have flowers in your office

Do you want an office full of happy, productive people? Fill it with flowers to improve mood and productivity.

Here are 5 reasons to have flowers in your office:

  1. They are welcoming. Imagine everybody enjoying coming to your office for a meeting and your staff enjoying coming to work every day. Flowers can perk people up, even on a busy day.
  2. They’re the perfect way to redecorate. Flowers and plants are amazing decor options that you can switch up often. There’s nothing more dramatic than a huge bouquet of mixed height stems. They can provide a burst of colour in an otherwise neutral office environment, create the perfect welcoming entranceway or a beautiful centrepiece on a meeting table.
  3. They foster creativity. Studies show that the presence of flowers can spark innovative and creative thinking, so if your office is calling for a little injection of innovation, then try filling it with flowers!
  4. They can improve memory. Flowers can not only spark memories; your wedding day, a tropical holiday, a sad moment, they can also improve memory. So if you are always forgetting that one thing on your to do list, a nice vase of flowers could be your answer.
  5. They make you more productive. Studies actually show that people who are surrounded by flowers at work are more productive. This is due to a variety of reasons, including the we listed above ones above.


Do you have flowers in your office? We have a couple of offices who pick up their weekly bouquets from us.

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