5 reasons to have flowers in your home

We already told you why you should have flowers in your workplace but fresh flowers can breathe new life into any space. Today we’re talking about why you should have flowers in your home.


  1. It improves your health. Flowers help to create a calmer environment. The feeling of nature indoors can create a sense of grounding which has been proven to lower stress. Winner!
  2. It transforms your decor. A beautiful bouquet can give a room a whole new look at not much expense. How easy is it to change your flowers once a week and embrace different colour patterns dependent on your mood or the season.
  3. It makes you happy. We wrote a whole blogpost on How Flowers Make You Happy, but in a nutshell – you see the flowers and they make you smile. Simples!
  4. You can show your personality. Not only can you use flowers to decorate your home, but you can really show your flair and creativity in how you display them and impress guests with your fun and stylish choices. Perfect, right?
  5. They smell nice! Why invest in manufactured air fresheners when you can have the real thing? And you can change them often to give your room a refresh.


Do you have flowers in your home? If not, why not pop by Blackfriars on your way home and grab some of our latest collection today!