Welcome to Rockflower

ROCKFLOWER is a cutting-edge automated retailing platform. Our cloud based system allows for instant sales of your products 24/7/365. This unique retail experience increases profits and enhances your brand.

Reflect your company’s design and colours.

It’s a win-win deal for the retailer and the consumer.

ROCKFLOWER is a disruptive turn-key retail channel for brands and retailers. Our solution incorporates uniquely designed retail hardware, with a robust cloud-based online buying platform. Thus combining online convenience with touchscreen and QR code’s, ROCKFLOWER delivers goods and services to the mobile generation whenever they require them. With a modest upfront investment you can access a multi-million pound sales channel without extra staff. Our units are unique in their design, quick to install and we offer excellent after sales assistance.


ROCKFLOWER Units integrate cutting edge design, technology and functionality.


The LED-illuminated lockers display each product behind safety-glass self-closing doors.

ROCKFLOWER units can be installed with a dry-cooling system to keep products at the required temperature.

ROCKFLOWER units are ideally located in high footfall areas, airports, railway stations, shopping mails, market places, piazzas etc



The software continuously creates inventory restocking information to help manage stock levels 24/7.

ROCKFLOWER has developed a unique software system, that allows the owner to monitor each unit from their computer in real time.

With ROCKFLOWER you can extend your sales by using our cloud based online shop:  http://www.rockflower.london



ROCKFLOWER’s original inspiration was for the selling of flower bouquets. ROCKFLOWER units have evolved to cater for a wide variety of products such as beauty gift packs, electrical goods, pharmaceuticals, household needs, trainers and more. ROCKFLOWER units are best installed in busy locations where your product can reach the time-pressed on-the-go shopper 24/7. 

ROCKFLOWER is convenient, quick and easy to use. 

Customise our units to reflect your brand and products.

Let your imagination go wild!





Adapt your ROCKFLOWER Unit incorporating your established branding designs. Our units can be delivered in your bespoke company colours and the touchscreen software can be adapted to your company ethos. 


 ROCKFLOWER provides a full end to end solution for brands and retailers. Use ROCKFLOWER to drive your business and optimise your presence. Install as an independent satellite salespoint or locate the unit near your store to sell your products 24/7/365.


Improve your productivity and sales by automating the ordering and availability of the product, whilst reducing costs through efficient control of your inventory and expenses. 


Our ROCKFLOWER Automated Retail Solutions provide a platform which future proofs against the ever changing consumer habits. Get in touch with us to find out how you can benefit with ROCKFLOWER Auto Retailing.