ROCKFLOWER VENDING LTD units are ideally suited to trade in airports, train stations, hospitals, hotels, universities, cinemas, shopping complexes, festivals, trade and fashion shows and more.

Our Vending Machines

View our unique vending units designed to suit your business in your choice of location. The ROCKFLOWER VENDING unit is easy to set up and will guarantee 24/7 sales for your business.




ROCKFLOWER VENDING LTD is a constantly evolving 24/7vending unit. We envisage our units being central to the community. Not only a place where an unlimited variety of purchases can be made 24/7 but also useful local information available on our interactive touch screen. ROCKFLOWER VENDING LTD will soon be an integral part of every high footfall location all over the world. – Andrew, Creator of Rockflower.

Rockflower – Circular


The Features

Our Rockflower vending machine comes with TFL-approved Health and Safety compliance & certification (considered to be the highest in Europe!)

Use the latest technology with our unique Bybox activated touch-screen & POS system.

You can have 20 or 30 vending boxes (45 on the circular!) complete with:

  • reliable cooling system
  • secure door fastening

Easy to install process:

  • Only requires a single 240V power outlet and wifi. 
  • Can be set up and ready to trade within 4 hours. 

Choose to brand the machine with your own identifying colours & graphics.

You can buy or rent a Rockflower unique touch-screen vending unit.

  • Small rental footprint
  • Good maintenance contract.

Why not consider replacing your current shop window with a RF vending unit? You could trade your products 24/7 and revolutionise your business!

Optional extra top screen where you can screen images of your products – or even sell as advertising space for extra income.


P.S. We developed our own cardboard stand alone vases that can be included and branded for your floristry business. Just enquire when you are ordering your machine.