Andrew, the founder of Rockflower, first thought up the idea of a vending machine that dispensed bouquets of flower in 1993 when he was living in the US. He quickly found that unique fresh flower bouquets were not available 24/7 in the US. As a designer, he sought to design a solution to his problem as a gift to the city of London. In 2003, when computer technology allowed this idea to come to fruition, the concept began to take shape: Rockflower, London’s only flower vending machine! The name Rockflower came out of the idea of natural beauty thriving in a harsh environment. As our machine was designed to display artfully-crafted fresh flower bouquets among industrial tube stations and public spaces.

After careful research and planning by engineers and designers, the first Rockflower machine was installed at Blackfriars tube station in London in January 2014 overnight. The machine was installed, powered up and programmed to stock fresh flowers for the next day.

After the initial launch, the machine fostered a lot of attention! Londoners and tourists alike loved the machine.

Wow! A Flower Vending Machine!

Over the past two years, Rockflower provided beautifully designed luxury hand-tied bouquets to city dwellers 24/7, but what gained the most attention was actually the machine itself. It was an interesting and convenient way for people to buy flowers any time of the day or night with it’s easy to navigate touch-screen selection and credit card payment. Once paid, a door would unlock and the customer could take out their bouquet. This simple yet technologically advanced idea was an innovation business owners wanted to know more about.

Flower vending machine

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Increasingly popular interest in buying or renting a similar machine for flowers or other goods for sale pushed the business in the direction of wholesaling the vending units themselves, rather than managing units and coordinating floral logistics.

This is where we are today.

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