Meet the Team

Andrew McAlpine

New Zealand born Andrew McAlpine is a designer of 50+ feature films and is best known for The Piano, The Beach, An Education, Me Before You, Clockers and Aeon Flux.

In the early 1990s Andrew came up with the concept for Rockflower’s fresh flower vending machine when he found it very hard to find unique flower bouquets available in the USA. His passion for technology and natural beauty came to life in 2014 when the first Rockflower vending unit opened in London’s Blackfriars station. Now, when he isn’t designing movies, Andrew oversees the designing of Rockflower in its next incarnation: selling and renting his vending machine creations directly to businesses looking for 24/7 sales of anything from electronics or beauty products to footwear.

Andrew enjoys working in his vibrant home garden in London, doing yoga and taking long walks along wilderness pathways.

Karen Berger

Aged 19, Karen created a business called Bisque Radiators Ltd. It soon grew to be a market leader in designer central heating radiators and after 25 years as Financial and Marketing Director, she stepped down and sold the company in 2006 before setting up a gardening business with her husband, Mark. When not working, Karen enjoys cycling, yoga and spending time with her family which includes three children and two flat-coated retrievers called Ruby and Patton.

Mark Berger

Mark was a maths teacher for many years before starting a garden design and maintenance business alongside Karen in 2006. They sold the company a couple of years ago and are now focused on success with Rockflower. Outside of his business life, Mark has been a marathon runner. He enjoys cycling and yoga and also loves to cook for his family.

Gemma Jackson

Gemma Jackson is a Director of Rockflower. Gemma is also a feature film designer, best known for her much awarded and acclaimed designs for Finding Neverland, Bridget Jones’ Diary and the astonishing Game of Thrones and King Arthur.

Gemma and Andrew are partners in life and Rockflower Vending Ltd. She is a great supporter of Rockflower and its colourful progress in our cities around the world.