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Our automated retail kiosk is located at Blackfriars station in the heart of London. Rockflower is open 24/7 so you can buy beautifully designed bouquets and have flowers at all hours.

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A Message from our Founder

Sadly, this will be our last week of trading at our Blackfriars location. We have loved being here and have developed such a great customer base. So it is a mutual loss but we must move on to grow into our next incarnation: Rockflower Vending Ltd.   This means that we are not disappearing completely. One of the biggest surprises has been… Read more →

London in the Summer

5 Reasons to Love London in the Summer

London weather gets a bad rap. Just mere mention of the city conjures images of overcast skies and rainy days. While we aren’t saying to leave your brolly at home, London does have its fair share of beautifully sunny days. Some of the best things to do in London are only possible in the summer sun. Below are the main reasons why we love London in the… Read more →

ranunculus facts

Flower Facts: Ranunculus

The ranunculus always draws a crowd at our unit at Blackfriars. Bright colours are always a crowd pleaser, especially for a flower vending machine that needs to grab your attention through a window. So, in honour of one of our most popular stems, we wanted to share a few ranunculus facts and tips as part of our ongoing flower facts… Read more →

Birth Month Flower and Meanings

A Guide to Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

Just like birthstones and astrological signs, each birth month has an associated flower. It is believed that flowers were given as gifts as early as in the Roman Empire as a way to honour Roman Gods on birthdays. The specific meanings of different flowers emerged during the Victorian Era to allow secret messages to be exchanged between lovers. Young men… Read more →