ROCKFLOWER is a revolutionary automated retailing system. With instant automated sales of your selected products 24/7/365 our high-profile retail channel expands your sales, increases profits and enhances your brand through consistent user experiences.

Rockflower is the disruptive turn-key retail channel for brands and retailers. Our solution incorporates specifically designed retail hardware, with a robust cloud-based trading platform that leverages the internet. Combining online convenience with touchscreen and QR code’s, the ROCKFLOWER experience delivers goods and services to the mobile generation when they want them, where they want them. With a modest upfront investment you can access a multi-million pound sales channel without any extra staff. Our units are well designed, quick to install and we offer excellent after sales assistance. 

It’s a win-win deal for the retailer and the consumer.



Prince 2 is our most recent model with 30 trading boxes and automated safety glass doors.

Measurements: 1465mm wide x 733mm deep x 2285mm tall.

240V single plug-in and LED illuminations.

The unit is mounted on lockable wheels for mobility.

Optional air-cooling system if your product requires it.

The 27 inch touchscreen has a modern software system that utilises the best technology to allow you to manage your services and keep the unit running flawlessly.

On the upper screen you can display images of your products or sell as advertising space for extra income.

Our Rockflower vending units come with fully approved Health and Safety certification.

    PRINCE 1

    Prince 1 has 20 trading boxes all with automated safety-glass doors.

    Measurements: 1335mm wide x 690mm deep x 2300mm tall.

    240V single plug-in and LED illuminated.

    Prince 1 is mounted on lockable wheels for mobility.

    The 17 inch touchscreen runs on a modern software system that utilises the best technology to allow you to manage your services and keep the unit running flawlessly. 




    Adapt your Rockflower Unit incorporating your established branding designs. Our units can be delivered in your bespoke company colours and the touchscreen software can be adapted to your company ethos. 


     Rockflower provides a full end to end solution for brands and retailers. Use Rockflower to drive your business and optimise your presence. Install as an independent satellite salespoint or locate the unit near your store to sell your products 24/7/365.


    Improve productivity and sales by automating the ordering and availability of the product you are selling, whilst reducing costs through efficient control of your inventory and expenses. 


    ROCKFLOWER’s original inspiration was for the sale of flower bouquets. Since when our units have evolved to cater for a broad variety of products such as beauty gift packs, electrical goods, pharmaceuticals, household needs, trainers and more. Our Units are ideal to be placed on busy locations where your product can reach the time-pressed on-the-go shopper 24/7/365. ROCKFLOWER is convenient, quick and easy to use. 

    Customise your unit to any brand and product.

    Let your imagination go wild!


    Installation possibilities

    The Rockflower units are designed to be flexible and scalable with deployment to traditional and none traditional locations. Both our models can be installed to stand against a wall or 2 units can be combined to stand back to back as a free standing sales point.

    The Rockflower Software System

    The Rockflower App is imbedded within our cloud based management system. The software manages the health of the unit, business reports, location details, the connectivity of the unit and potentially your social media features ie. slide shows and video content plus QR codes if required.

    Payment Solution

    Rockflower currently uses Nayax, a well respected remote payment provider. Rockflower can work with a provider of your choice provided that the payment protocol is based on MDB (Multi Drop Bus) allowing us to integrate our software with yours. The software supplied with the Rockflower unit allows you to choose the currency and language options. The software option comes with translations which have been provided by Rockflower.

    Our RF Automated Retail Solutions provides a platform which future proofs against the ever changing consumer habits and their retail selections.